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Institute for Roentgen Optics  (X-ray optics)                                                 X-ray Optical Systems

The Institute for Roentgen Optics - pioneer and world leader in developing capillary and polycapillary x-ray optics and neutron optics (Kumakhov optics)


Main stream: X-ray devices based on polycapillary x-ray optics for structural and elemental analysis: microfocus X-ray fluorescence   spectrometer for elemental analysis, x-ray diffractometer for structural and stress  analysis, X-ray  reflectometer for thin films analysis, X-ray projection microscope, X-ray tubes,  microfocus x-ray tubes, laboratory synchrotron as x-ray irradiator,  capillary micropump for fuel cell and injections in medicine, X-ray and neutron lenses.


Medical department presented by x -ray therapy device and medical gamma - camera.


The Institute for Roentgen Optics was founded on June 28, 1991 by the order # 689-p of the Counsel of Ministers of the RSFSR on the basis of the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Power Research laboratory headed by professor Muradin A.Kumakhov., It was there that the idea of an X-ray radiation control, using multiple surface reflection inside capillaries, emerged and was realized for the first time. There they also produced first mono-capillary roentgen/neutron lenses (the Russian patent of professor Muradin A.Kumakhov, # 1322888, 1984). At the same time (late 80th early 90th of the 20th century) fields of application for such optics were proposed.


For the last ten years the x-ray polycapillary (capillary) optics has been developing mainly in Institute for Roentgen (X-ray) Optics. It made the IRO the biggest international centre of development and production of the Roentgen X-ray capillary optics and its use in devices of medical and industrial application. Five generations of polycapillary optics were developed in this time frame. The results are presented in articles and patents.

On the basis of Institute for Roentgen (X-ray) Optics they also started production of the roentgen optics developed. Thus Institute for Roentgen (X-ray) Optics possesses a full technological cycle including production of drawing machines for x-ray lens manufacturing.
Starting from 2000 Institute for Roentgen (X-ray) Optics has successfully been cooperating with variety companies. This cooperation founded a new stage in x-ray optical systems technologies development as well as in active introduction to the world market of the equipment produced on their base.

The modern capillary lenses contain more 1000000 capillaries, the size of channels in capillaries is from tens micro meters to tens  nano meters.

The top achievement in nanotechnology  - capillary lenses with channels size about 20 - 30 nm,  that contain special includes to arrange specific band pass (quantum crystal).

The top achievements in capillary lenses - capillary lenses with regular includes "artificial defects" in order to arrange specific band pass of this lenses (quantum crystal).

Miscellaneous works executed with the help of the IRO devices -  on air, space, railway, auto and nuclear objects, and also on pipelines, coppers, bridges and tunnels in building, but also in science and education.

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