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Electrokinetic Capillary Micropump

Prospective fields of application for electrokinetic capillary micropump


- medicine (regulated delivery of insulin and other drugs);

- chemistry and biology (lab-ware for micro-dozing, micr0-fluidic systems, lab-on chips

- new generation of power supplying for electronic devices: laptops, cell telephones ( delivery of methanol for DM Fuel Cells):

Micropump Designed

for feeding at the level from micro to nano liters in a minute 


Micropump based


on using electro-kinetic effects related to the formation of double electric layers on a phase boundary between polar liquid and solid dielectrics.




New constructive


Charges, under the influence of a field, move and carrying away a liquid behind itself

Micropump Properties

Distinctive properties of the IRO capillary electrokinetic micropump

(priority date from 07.07.2005):

-  no electrolyzing processes with gas bubbling which blocks work operation or makes it unstable;

- opportunity for fine regulation of fluids from tens nano-liters up to milliliters per minute by changing voltage only;

- compactness of device, durability owing to absence of moving mechanical parts. 

Flow rate of water depending on DC voltage. Single channel – 5 microns, amount of channels – 1 200 000.  Length  of poly-capillary tube – 20 mm.

Pressure at micropump outlet depending on diameter of single channel and voltage.


Flow rates of NaCl solutions of different concentrations depending on voltage. Channel – 10 microns, amount of channels – 360 000.




<<-- Demo video

shows an ability of the usage  a micropump as a pumping device


Power supplier matched with mobile

Old electronics



<<-- Demo video

shows an ability of the usage a micropump in the block of the fuel cell


New electronics

    Capillary electrokinetic  micropump (article in rus.)

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