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Museum IRO - X-ray devices, based on X-ray policapillary optics

Created in 1999 X-ray XRF spectromrter "Focus 1", based on Kumakhov's optics for express NDT analysis  of content and concentration of chemical elements in different  materials

Modern X-ray XRF microfocus analyzer "Focus 2" based on policapillary roentgen optics

Portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

Handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

Portable X-ray diffractometer  for structural phase analysis

Portable X-ray diffractometer with spectrometric channel for structural phase and elemental analysis

Portable X-ray comparator - diffractometer for orientation  mono - crystal wafers

X-ray diffractometer with spectrometric channel for stress estimation in metals and metallic constructions

Ultra Precision X-ray diffractometer - comparator for checking  crystal orientation in monolithic boads

Diffractometer for stress estimation in samples with rough structure 

High effective two - wave reflectometer for best checking super - thing  surfaces and thing layers 

Roentgen - optical scanning analytical microscope (ROCAM)

Wave - stream spectral analyser for three streams, device for industry application for analysing streams and pulps

The first version of Laboratory Synchrotron

Short focus X-ray therapy  device, for X-ray therapy

"Mini - Scalpel"  

System for X-ray registration based on scintillation detector

Multy channel system of X-ray radiation registration


Laboratory unit with assembling of scintillation detectors

X-ray source of small focus XR-50-10.

Complex of X-ray irradiator and power supply 

Different types of X-ray tubes, developed in IRO


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