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X-Ray Registration System    -     Scintillation Detector

X-Ray Registration System On The Basis Of Scintillation Detector


The system is designed for registration of x-rays within the energy range from 2 to 80 KeV with the intensity of up to 2 x 105 quantum/sec and is fully computer-controlled.


Structurally the system consists of a detector and a registration unit.
Detector cab be supplied together with one of the following registration units:


B-612a is a functionally completed registration unit. It is connected to PC via a COM-port. It is recommended to use it when only one detector is needed.

E-602 is a registration unit mounted in a 19” case. It has a SPI interface and up to 1 mbps rate of exchange. It is recommended to use it as a component within large systems integrating several detectors.


Laboratory diffraction assembly control system comprising three scintillation detectors



Registered Energy

2 to 60 KeV

Count Rate

up to 2 x 105 quantum/sec

Window Area

320 mm2 (0.5 in2)

Scintillation Counter Type

NaI ( Tl )

Scintillation Counter Thickness

1.0 mm

Energy Resolution, 5.9 KeV


Pure Detector Noise (amplitude discrimination at amplitude distribution half-height, 20°C ambient)

< 1.5 puls/min



Ø 40 x 158 mm

Registration Unit B-612

195 x 135 x 40 mm

Registration Unit E-602

120 x 205 x 16 mm

Power Requirements


~220V ± 20%, 50-60Hz


=24V ± 1%

Power Consumption




RS-232c (COM-port)



B-612a Data [transfer] rate

9.6 - 115.2 kbps

E-602 Data [transfer] rate

Up to 1 mbps

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X-Ray registration system on the basis
of scintillation detector




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