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 Portable X-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-4"  -  RIKOR X-Ray Measuring Facility

RIKOR-4 portable X-ray diffractometer of RIKOR X-Ray Measuring Facility

The worlds pioneer stress measuring

X-ray system based on Kumakhov polycapillary optics.  The X-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-4"is designed for residual and working mechanic stress in parts and constructions during their manufacturing and operation

The X-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-4" RU.C.38.002.A  number in Federal agency  of the Russian Federation on Technical Regulating and Metrology (certified as a measuring instrument).

31025-06 number in State Register for Measuring Instruments.

The X-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-4" is a 6-th generation of portable X-ray  stress measuring diffractometers developed by the IRO and the MISA (the Moscow State Steel and Alloys Institute). As distinct from companies producing comparable instruments we not only make x-ray diffractometers but also practice them in various spheres of industrial control in close interaction with customers. This allows making on-line design changes to meet customer’s needs.


X-Ray diffractometry is the only technique for direct and non-destructive lattice elastic strain control with subsequent determination of   elastic stresses. The technique does not require any preliminary data on material state (stress/strain, phase and chemical composition, etc.). It allows determining residual and working stresses in wide range of parts and constructions during their manufacture, work and repair.

The X-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-4" measures sum of main stresses (using single exposure technique) as well as stresses in preferred direction (using sin2y  or multiple tilt technique) in a surface layer of material. Comparison with other two direct strain-measuring techniques  (Davidenkov’s layer etching method for residual stresses and strain gauge tensometry for loading stresses) has shown practical agreement of their results with those obtained using x-ray diffractometer "RIKOR4"


The use of Kumakhov’s polycapillary half-lens as a collimator is a feature making x-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-4" unique among all comparable devices. Polycapillary optics form practically parallel high-intensity X-ray beam (the divergence is ~10-3 radian). This sufficiently improves the raw data (diffraction peak profile) which leads to much higher accuracy of peak shift calculation. The beam width in this x-ray diffractometer may be easily modified up to 5-6 mm


The wide parallel X-ray beam is accompanied by laser pointing beam aiding fast and accurate goniometer positioning. So far as wide parallel beam analyzes sufficient surface area it sharply reduces terms of analysis and enhances its accuracy.


The use of Kumakhov’s optics drastically reduces required X-ray source power up to 3-5 W. Consequently size and weight of the instrument also decrease. The X-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-4" is the most miniature X-ray stress analyzer in the world. It is a hand-operated and portable device.  Low power of X-ray source causes no problems of radiation safety and X-ray tube cooling and leads to sharp increase of service life of this x-ray diffractometer.


The main units are goniometer, electronic unit and Notebook PC. The software for data capture and processing runs in Windows 98/2000/ME/XP.


  • small size
  • radiation safety
  • quick measurement
  • testing brought to object
  • optical pointing of spot to be measured  
  • data capture monitoring
  • easy operation and service
  • user-friendly interface
  • high service life



The X-ray diffractometer "RICOR-4" is efficient in direct non-destructive stress testing of parts of any shape.  Such control is aimed at detecting negative factors while manufacture and functioning of these parts. Huge tensile residual stresses in case they superpose to tensile working stresses may lead to fault, damage or accident. To prevent this, the X-ray diffractometer "RICOR-4" may be effectively used in various fields of science and industry:


  • Aerospace industry
  • Aircraft industry
  • Railways
  • Car industry
  • Nuclear and heat power stations
  • Pipelines and high-pressure vessels
  • Metal constructions
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Metallurgy
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Science and education



For more than 10 years MISA and IRO scientists have been using portable X-ray diffractometers in various fields of industry and for variety of objects made of steel and other alloys (nickel-, aluminium-, titanium-, copper-based, etc.).  In proportion to  portability increase its performance capabilities and area of use have been growing.  Activity in developing the instrument and technique of its industrial use has been carried out in cooperation with a number of leading Russian companies and enterprises.




Psi tilting  range


Detector angle capture range (in 2θ)


Angle measurement range (in 2θ)

90 –162°


Gas-filled, position-sensitive,

Power supply


X-ray tube




Cu ,Cr (V,Fe- optional)





8.2 kg

Electronic unit

5.8 kg


14 kg






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