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Microfocus X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer     -  microfocus RFA analyzer "Focus-2"

Microfocus  X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer "FOCUS-2" On The Base Of Kumakhov Polycapillary Optics



Microfocus X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Analyzer "Focus-2" on the basis of Kumakhov polycapillary optics is designed for express RFA analysis of the composition and concentration of chemical elements in solids, loose materials, powders, liquids, samples precipitated on films and filter paper.


Microfocus X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer Spectrometer "Focus-2" comprises:

  • 3D sample alignment stage
  • measurement camera
  • optical microscope with video camera capacity to enable observation of the sample image on the computer monitor
  • x-ray tube complete with power supply
  • x-ray-optical lens with focal spot size within the range of 50 to 250 micron
  • lens alignment assembly
  • semiconductor detector


Principle operation of microfocus x-ray spectrometer "Focus-2"  : by moving the stage, the target area on the sample placed in the measurement chamber for element composition study is identified. The location of X-ray probe matches the crosshair of the optical microscope enabling control of the target point. Two laser beams are also aimed at the same point to provide for height adjustment of the sample. When those beams match the microscope’s cross, the target point is aligned for x-ray exposure.

microfocus x-ray spectrometer "Focus-2" is easy to operate, features full computer control, no special qualified servicing personnel is required to run it.


Microfocus X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer "Focus-2"on the basis of Kumakhov polycapillary optics has a wide range of application, such as:

Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy,geology, mining, ecology, jewelry, forensic sciences, customs inspection, chemical industry, pharmacology and pharmaceutics, human-related investigations, and many more...


The Microfocus X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer "Focus-2" is certified ( Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments RU.C.31.002.A N 6322 ), and has been highly appraised at a major international trade show “Kuzbass Fair”.


Spectrum of Telluride in gold

Tungsten ore

Pentlandite spectrum

Banknote, different points

Spectrum of human hair


Chamber for samples

Sample size

from 20 micron to 50õ50 õ30 mm

Sample type

solids, powders, liquids, films

Measurement environment


Movement control


Movement step along Õ and Y

18 mm

Movement step along Z

8 mm

Identification of the position of x-ray on the sample

optical and with lasers


Detector type

Si-PIN diode


Peltier element

Energy resolution for 5.9 KeV line

186-200 eV

Load on the detector without resolution losses


X-ray Source & Power supply

X-ray source

OXFORD x-ray tube





Filter application capability


High voltage

50 kV


1.0 mA



X-ray tube control modes

computer-assisted and manual


Optical magnification range

15-60 times

Digital camera capability



Elemental Analysis

Qualitative and Quantitative

Range of Identified Elements

from P to U

Range of measurement

from 30 ppm to 100%

Maximum sensitivity

10 ppm

Number of concurrently identified elements

up to 20

Time of analysis

60 to 600 sec

Sample illumination

20 W halogen lamp


Analyzer Unit

450x230x450 mm

Power Supply Unit

340x320x130 mm


desktop instrument


IBM-compatible Pentium III and better

Operating Conditions

temperature 5 to 30° Ñrelative humidity 20 to 80 %

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