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 Desktop X-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-2"  -   RIKOR X-Ray Measuring Facility

Desktop X-ray Diffractometer RIKOR-2 (XRD/XRF DT)

Of X-ray Measuring Complex RIKOR

This small-size desktop

multi-functional X-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-2"

is designed for phase and spectral express analysis of powder samples

The X-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-2" is certified with the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation & Metrology (Certificate RU.C.38.002.A ¹23217) as measuring tool type, registered with the State Registry of Measuring Tools under ¹31025-06, and allowed for application in the Russian Federation

The X-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-2" (XRD/XRF DT) is a new generation of desktop x-ray diffractometers developed by IRO specialists.  The main advantage compared to other companies manufacturing similar equipments is that we not only manufacture x-ray diffractometers but use them for control checks in various industries. This ensures continuous feedback from customers, thus, allowing fast making modifications in the instruments’ design with regard to customers’ needs.


·         It implements the Debye-Sherrer scheme based on parallel x-ray beam.

·         It utilized Kumakhov polycapillary optics to create parallel primary beam and collimate the reflected diffracted beam.

·         The combination of diffraction and spectrometry channels ideally suits the purposes of on-line monitoring of technological processes.

·         Time of analysis – 200 sec.


Application of Kumakhov polycapillary lenses and half-lenses enables high-efficient transportation of x-ray radiation with higher density both for parallel and focused x-ray beams as required for the geometric shape (a line, a dot) without diaphragms. Kumakhov polycapillary half-lens allows creating a spatially collimated x-ray beam with divergence of ~10-3 rad., which significantly improves the accuracy of determining the position of the diffraction line maximum. Fast replacement of tube within 2-3 minutes is provided for this x-ray diffractometer.


·         Automatic insertion into the measurement zone of the spectrometry channel to determine the element composition of sample

·         Patented position-sensitive detectors

·         High-speed, stability, wide angular range of simultaneous registration

·         Application of two position-sensitive detectors to improve resolution

·         Automatic switch of detector

·         Application of a polycapillary collimation system in front of detector for the resolution purposes

·         Automatic setting to a required angle of measurement

·         Low level of degradation in the course of operation

·         Sealed detectors don't need application of a special gas unit

·         Simple replacement of samples

·         Horizontal placement of sample


In this X-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-2" X-ray tube of up to 50W power (does not need water cooling) is equipped with Kumahov polycapillary optics used as a collimator. Low-power radiation and strict collimation of the primary beam ensure radiation safety. The x-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-2" dimensions (380x600x600) and a special enclosure allow placing it close to the process line, in unequipped non-special quarters. Instrument operation does not require elaborated sample preparation.



The x-ray diffractometer "RIKOR-2" is equipped with a high-efficacy diffracted x-rays registration unit for registering x-ray diffraction radiation, consisting of a position-sensitive detector and a polycapillary collimating system. Application of a polycapillary filtering unit improves resolution of adjacent peaks, provides filtration of Êβ line, improves the peak –to-noise ratio, raises accuracy of determining the angular position of the diffraction peak.

Experimental diffractogram of quartz triplex obtained using a linear spatially-coordinate detector


Software of this x-ray diffractometer provides for fast and easy obtaining data both on the structure and chemical composition of the sample under analysis.


Simple and pictorial interface is supported by

Windows 98/2000/Me/XP environment.





Angular interval of simultaneous registration

55° ( 12°) according to 2Θ

Angular interval according to 2Θ

5 –160°

Angular resolution

0.01° per channel

Mean square deviation in measuring line angular positions



Gas-filled, position-sensitive, proportional, curved (R=114ìì) or linear

Goniometer radius

114.8mm and 180mm

Energy dispersion detector the sensitive surface area


Energy resolution


Power consumption

220V, 50-60Hz,125W

X-ray tube


50 W


Cu (Mo,Fe- options)

Focus size





Total instrument weight

25 kg

Overall dimensions

380x600x600 mm



 Inspection control of production of complex compounds (ferro piezoelectrics, ferrites)

 Pharmaceutical industry

 Chemical industry


 Mining industry


 Inspection control of thin coatings and films


 Manufacture of ceramics

 Cement industry

 Expertise of pieces of art and antique





 High-Performance Registration Unit for Diffracted X-rays   ( 426 Kb )

 RIKOR-2 Print version ( 536 Kb )



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