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M.A.Kumakhov / F.F.Komarov
Radiation From Charged Particles in Solids

American Institute of Phisics, New York, 1989

F.F.Komarov / M.A.Kumakhov / I.S.Tashlykov
Non-destructive Ion Beam Analysis of Surfaces

Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, New York - Philadelphia - London - Paris - Montreux - Tokyo - Melbourne, 1990

M.A.Kumakhov / R.Wedell
Radiation of Relativistic Light Particles during Interaction with Single Crystals

Spectrum Akademischer Verlag GmbH, Heidelberg - Berlin - New York, 1991

M. Kumakhov/ G. Shrimmer

Atomic behavior  in crystalls


Atomizdat, Moscow, 1980


M, Kumakhov / F. Komarov

Radiation of charged particles in solid bodies


Publisher "Universitetskoje", Minsk, USSR, 1985



The documental video about new generation analytical devices developed in IRO, presented in Congress and International Assembly of crystallography in august 2002, Switzerland



Proceedings International Conference on Roentgen and neutron capillar optics, Russia, Zvenigorod 2001

directed by Kumakhov

SPIE, Vol. 4765

Proceedings of 2-nd International Conference on Roentgen and neutron capillar optics, Russia, Zvenigorod 2004

directed by Kumakhov

SPIE, Vol. 5943


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