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Professor Muradin A.Kumakhov

Professor Muradin A.Kumakhov is a founder of two branches in physics.

The first branch started after in 1974 channeling radiation was predicted. This prediction was published in Physical Letters 57, 17 (1976) and was experimentally proved using American SLACK accelerator (Stanford University, USA) in 1978 during mutual Soviet-American scientific research program, headed, on the American side, by professor Panovsky (at that time a scientific adviser to the former US President J.Carter), and, on the Soviet side, - by professor Muradin A.Kumakhov.

Channeling radiation is known in the field of physics as the most intensive one within the range of hard X-ray/gamma-radiation. Its intensity exceeds several times that of synchrotron radiation. This is highly directional polarized radiation similar to quasi-monochromatic radiation regarding its characteristics.

At present it is used to research crystals, their imperfections, heat fluctuations, etc. It is also used as polarized monochromatic radiation. Now when a new generation of electron accelerators has been developed channeling radiation attracts close attention of scientists and engineers.

This effect was the subject of more than 1000 published works.

The second invention is connected with X-ray/neutron beams control based on the principle of multiple full surface reflections (the Russian patent of professor Muradin A.Kumakhov, # 1322888, 1984). The first capillary and poly-capillary X-ray/neutron lenses were developed at professor M.A.Kumakhov laboratory. This laboratory was specially established at the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Power Research where the fantastic ideas of controlling X-rays by means of optics were born. In 1991, based on this laboratory the Institute for Roentgen Optics was established by the decision of the Russian government. More years passed, and the research and development ideas were not only implemented but also introduced to practice and led to development of a new generation of analytical instruments designed for a wide variety of applied and fundamental studies.

These achievements were marked by the international scientific society and the SPIE Technological Achievement Award for the year 2002 given to the Institute for Roentgen Optics in summer of 2002 became the evidence of international acknowledgement.

Remarks on WEB publications

Dear Sirs,

25,12,2008 site published information about the court between American  Company X-Ray optical systems (XOS) and me. This information was reproduced in a number of other sites with the distortions that create the impression that this court is lost by me, because I, being a founding member of XOS, relinquished my stake in the company. In publication focuses on the fact that there is no information about the compensation I received. But the absence of such information does not mean the absence of compensation. The competent business people should understand that such information should be commercially sensitive.


In fact, in this case was not winning and losing sides. This is evidenced by the contents of press releases issued by lawyers of the parties. They imply that the parties have come to a mutually beneficial settlement. The best thing about this interpretation contained in press releases saying the head of XOS, Mr David Gibson: "We are pleased that the matter had been resolved in an acceptable manner to both parties. XOS regrets about any pre-existing differences with Dr. Kumakhov. XOS is proud of its past affiliation with Dr. Kumakhov."


Please, publish this information.



Professor Muradin A. Kumakhov



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Press-release XOS lawyers:

Press-release M. Kumakhov lawyers:


D. Gibson and  M. Kumakhov expressions:


David Gibson: "We are pleased to resolve this matter in a manner that is acceptable to all parties. XOS regrets any past disagreements with Dr. Kumakhov. XOS is proud of its past affiliation with Dr. Kumakhov and looks forward to putting past differences behind the parties so that XOS may focus on its underlying business".


Dr. Kumakhov: "I am pleased to have the opportunity to settle my differences with XOS. I have conveyed my regrets for any past disagreements with XOS and wish them success in their future endeavors".




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