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Museum of IRO - X-ray optical systems, X-ray optics, capillary optics, X-ray devices, awards

The museum of IRO was founded in 2000 year.

The exhibits of it show the way roentgen optics passed last quarter of the centuary.


Presented developed in IRO variety types of lens ans half lenses, instant medical and analytical devices based on it, and a lot of awards accepted IRO from russian and foreign foundations during international exhibitions and conferences.


Miscellaneous works executed with the help of the IRO devices -  on air, space, railway, auto and nuclear objects, and also on pipelines, coppers, bridges and tunnels in building, but also in science and education.

Variety X-ray systems, developed and manufactured in IRO

Analytical and medical X-ray devices

Books and patents


List of patents



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Museum of IRO

X-ray systems
X-ray devices
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>>Five generations of X-ray lenses


1-st generation



2-nd generation



3-d generation



4-th generation



5-th generation













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    Capillary optics

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