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X-ray optical systems, X-ray capillary and policapillary optics, Neutron optics  -   Museum IRO

Created in 1985 the first assembled monocapillary roentgen lens,  X-ray optical systems, X-ray capillary optics

X-ray optical systems, Monolithic monocapillary lens - X-ray optics, X-ray lens

X-ray optics, Assembled policapillary X-ray lenses, X-ray optical systems

Neutron assembled half - lens, neutron optics, x-ray optical systems

The first in the World X-ray half - lens, x-ray optics, x-ray optical system

One of the first monolithic policapillary x-ray lens, x-ray optics, x-ray optical system

Modern policapillary x-ray lens and half - lens, nanotechnology in X-ray optical systems, capillary  x-ray optics


Monolithic integrated x-ray micro - lens, in wich the sub - micron technology, developed in IRO, was used for the first time, nanotechnology in policapillary x-ray optics, x-ray optical systems

X-ray optical systems, Assembled policapillary x-ray lens, x-ray optics

Monolithic x-ray half - lens of the large diameter, capillary x-ray optics, x-ray optical systems

Variety types of mono and polycapillaries for X-ray optical systems, capillary x-ray optics

Assembled monocapillary conical collimator - x-ray optical system

Monolithic policapillary cone for use in x-ray optical systems to zoom image, capillary x-ray optics

Fragment of the image of policapillary structure, quantum and photon crystals for x-ray optical systems  

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>>Five generations of X-ray lenses


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