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Museum IRO - Awards for x-ray capillary optics, x-ray optical systems

Manufactured from gold and silver, a copy of the HITON from Tsar's Maikope hills

Award AF "AAA" of fond "Wind Alpe", wich professor Kumakhov was awarded in 1996 "For gloring the Kabarda republic of the Russia in the Wold"

The bronse boad of the Catolical University of the USA

Established in 1990 in the horner of professor's Kumakhov contibution to the physics of charged particles radiation in the crystals, include theoretical prediction of the radiation canalisation


Certificate of the professor Muradin Kumakhov vote as a corresponding  membership of the Radiological Society of Noth America


Diploma  of the 26-th Geneva International Salon of Inventions for inventing roentgen - optical capillars for neutron radiation control


Award SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering, gathering more 70 countries ) "For Outstanding Scientific  and  Technology Achievement in development, manufacturing implementation and practical application principles of roengen and neutron capillar Kumakhov's optics ", handled to the Institute in summer of 2002


Certificate for voting Muradin Kumakhov as a member of

Keizerlich-Konigliche Gohmische Phisikalisce Gesellschaft

Diploma of the winner of the 7-th International forum of the special police and military engineering "INTERPOLITECH-2003"


For developed on technical task  of the ECC MIA of the Russia,

X-ray XRF spectrometer "Focus-M2"


Medal and diplopma for the development of the devices for NDT

in VIII International exhibition - market "Coal of the Russia and Mining -2001"



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