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Short - focus X-ray therapy device

Short-focus X-ray  therapy device "Miniscalpel"


Independent system of cooling - conclusive advantage
for mobile systems


Application area:


Therapeutic irradiation


Skin and hypodermic fabrics


Technical characteristics
(in comparison with the nearest competitor)


                                              MS                            RoentgenTA
Volts   kV                          up to 60 kV                    up to 100 kV
Volts Step   kV                   0.1 kV                           10 kV
Currents    mA                    up to 10 mA                    up to 10 mA
Currents step                0.01 mA                          only 2.5, 5 and 10
Consumtion   W                  800 W                            2000 W
Anod from                         Ag or    W                        W
Tube auto-training               Yes                                  No
Controls                             Programmed                      Manual
Exposition  sec.                  1 999 sec.                      10 - 999 sec.
Timer                                 Double elec.                      Mechanical
Cooling system                   Autonomous                      Drain is required
Structure and weight           150kg + cont. panel          265+176+35+9kg
Details                                Stabilized   U
                                          Simple clamp

An example of therapeutic irradiation




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