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Microfocus and super sensitive X-ray spectrometers analyzers developed in IRO

The instruments like X-ray spectrometers are  for elemental analysis. The X-ray spectrometers analyzers presented in this site are microfocus and super sensitive x-ray spectrometers analyzers based on Kumakhov optics. The X-ray spectrometers like this can be used in wide industry applications. The handheld X-ray spectrometer is designed for elemental analysis in outdoor conditions.


Microfocus X-ray fluorescence spectrometer with extremely small spot - 10 microns, and extremely small size for such a class (Kumakhov optics are used)

Desktop Microfocus X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (Kumakhov optics are used)

Handheld X-ray spectrometer (X-ray optics are possible)

Super sensitive sensor X-ray spectrometer (based on capillary matrix, capillary structure)


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>>Five generations of X-ray lenses



1-st generation


2-nd generation


3-d generation


4-th generation


5-th generation















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