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Protein X-ray Diffractometer

Protein Diffractometer On The Basis Of Lumakhov Integral Lens










IRO demonstrated for the first time its protein diffractometer at the International Congress of Crystallographers (August 2002, Geneva).


The diffractometer comprises a new x-ray tube together with Rizon 50/50 generator and is equipped with Kumakhov integral lens.

For detection, the Imaging Plate Detector System Mar 345 was used, which has proved well at protein workstations in synchrotron facilities


Experimental studies were carried out at the Institute of Protein of the Russian Academy of Science by a team of researchers headed by professor Stanislav Nikonov.


Comparison was done between the image of lysozyme crystals obtained at the rotation anode source with 1.4 kW power and our Laboratory synchrotron with the x-ray tube of 10-watt power.


The quality of images was good in both cases but Laboratory synchrotron gives the benefit in intensity of over 2 orders.

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Laboratory synchrotron

Protein diffractometer on the basis
of Kumakhov integral lens

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